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Birding sites in Nairobi

                                  Birding sites in Nairobi

There are several birding sites that are close to Nairobi city,(which is probably the leading birding capital in the World), when well arranged with the help of a professional bird guide, either for a whole day or couple of hours, most of these areas are quite productive and rewarding in numbers of birds species seen or recorded.Nairobi  alone has more than 500 bird species recorded. There are many factores that contributes, such as the climate, varied habitats, upland forests, savannah, wetlands, swamps, man made pans, hills and gardens, which keep on pulling suprises every day,a Violet tipped Courser was recently seen in Nairobi National Park,(2016) the last one was seen more than 30 years ago, In Nairobi Arboretum a single Purple crested Turaco has made it home for the  last three years starting from the year 2015, it is normally seen 45 km North of Nairobi in Thika, Paradise lost has better chances of spotting the Grey- olive Greenbul which has a limited distribution in Kenya. Birding in the areas listed below is very satisfying with bird species seen in rapid response. The good thing about most of these sites is  that birding is done while walking with exception of Nairobi National Park, which also has some areas where walking is allowed

Most of the birding sites have an entry fee charged at the entrance

·     Nairobi National Park

·     Nairobi Arboretum

·       Uhuru Gardens

·      Nairobi City Park

·       Paradise Lost

·        Manguo Swamp

·        Magadi Road

·        Ziwani Retreat

·        Karen Blixen Museum

·        Oloolua Forest

·        Ngong Racecourse

·        Ngong Hills

·        Karura Forest