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Elephant Hill Hike

 Elephant Hill is on the southern end of the Aberdares Ranges, which is about 90km north of Nairobi, from a distance it has a outline or shape of an Elephant hence the name, it is an ideal location for a day hike excursion, birding for high altitude species. The Aberdares Ranges are situated west of Mt Kenya in the central highlands between Nyeri and Naivasha, and stretch 70km long from North to South.

The Aberdares  Ranges are the water catchment area feeding two of the largest dams supplying over 95% of Nairobi’s water needs, Ndakaini Dam in the Thika region and Sasumua Dam near Njabini town. The unusual vegetation, rugged terrain, streams and waterfalls combine to create an area of great scenic beauty in the National Park.The drive from Nairobi will pass through Kinangop plateau known for the Sharpe's Longclaw, a bird only found in Kenya

Most of the green vegetables and potatoes in Nairobi markets comes from this area

Attractions: Stunning array of outlandish flora like lobelia, senecio, tussock grass, giant heather, bamboo forest, bogs, and elephant trails. Amazing views of the surrounding countryside including the nearby Sasumua Dam down below to your right, and the distant Ndakaini Dam, Kinangop Peak, walks in the moorlands,

Hiking to the top takes 4 hours, so early start is highly encouraged

Wear light clothing ideal for hiking

What to Carry

A rain jacket/coat

An extra pair of trouser/short / t-shirt ,a pair of shoes too

Picnic lunch

Extra water

Resident identity card


Ksh 3500

Which caters for;

Citizen and Residents park entrance fee

Armed ranger

Transport in a comfy  tour van

Non Resident to Pay for their own Park fees ($ 52)

Meeting time 0630hrs

Leave at 0645 hrs

Expected back in Nairobi at 0600hrs