Shaba National Reserve


Shaba National ReserveShaba National Reserve is one of the northern reserves in Kenya, the reserve measure about 239km2

Shaba National Reserve is an area of spectacular scenery; its dry plains bisected by the meandering Ewaso Nyiro river, with the backdrop of Africa's dramatic mountains, including Mount Kenya and Ololokwe Mountain

The grass and scrub are normally brown in colour, during the rainy season all changes with flowers everywhere

There are stretches of Acacia tortilis, open woodland, springs and swamps as well as lava outcrops

Endemic Bird

This is the perfect and preferred habitat for William’s Lark, which is one of the Kenya endemics

Mount Modech and Mount Shaba are used by Vultures for roosting

Shaba National Reserve is managed by Isiolo County

Doum Palms and riverine forests, in the midst of arid and semi arid ecosystems, create the magnificent landscape of the Shaba National Reserve. 

This vast expanse of remote pristine wilderness is inhabited by iconic wildlife and a tranquil ambiance blankets this wildlife haven

The traditional homeland of the Samburu people, this arid terrain features northern Kenya’s biggest river, Ewaso Nyiro. Quenching the thirst of the abundant wildlife that roams this reserve,

Samburu people were lured to this area due to the reliability of the Ewaso Nyiro that provides water for their herds.

The river courses through Samburu National Park, Shaba National Reserve and the Buffalo Springs National Reserve to the south

Shaba National Reserve is home to the rare northern special five species (Grevy’s zebra, Somali Ostrich, Reticulated Giraffe, Gerenuk locally known as the Somali Giraffe and the Beisa Oryx) this craggy, rugged region unfolds a romantic, awe-inspiring safari experience.

Captivating Samburu elephant herds saunter over this game rich reserve and big cats prowl through thick acacia forest.

Birding in Shaba National Reserve is done early morning and late evening

This is due to the climatic conditions of the area, the temperatures rise steadily from early as 9 in the morning