Solio Ranch


Solio RanchSolio Ranch is one of the finest wildlife conservancy in Africa

The wildlife experience in Solio Ranch  is intense and exclusive with 19,000 acres of conservancy surrounded by 45,000 acres of ranch and just one lodge, Solio Lodge

Solio Ranch is located in the valley between the dramatic, snow-capped peak of Mount Kenya and the Aberdare Mountains.

Most of the terrain consists of grassy plains, and the acacia-lined Moyo River which  traverses the entire reserve

Solio Ranch Birdwatching

The Solio Ranch is also an ideal place for bird watching. The acacia forest in the middle of the reserve is traversed by a river that at times turns into a swamp-like area.

It’s a great birding destination with many north Kenya specials. 

The best time for birders is from November to April when the migrants from Europe and north Africa can be seen.

This partly coincides with the Wet season, when many species in breeding plumage are nesting. Solio Lodge is usually  closed in November.

The ranch is a fenced, privately-owned wildlife conservancy geared towards rhino conservation.

The sanctuary on Solio Ranch ( Solio Game Reserve) on Laikipia Plateau was founded in 1970 as a breeding ground for white and black rhinos

This has been extremely successful, and many rhino have been translocated to other parks and reserves.

Solio Ranch is literally full of rhino and both species seem to mingle quite happily in a way that doesn’t feel very natural

Solio Ranch

Solio Ranch also protects, other animals such as; zebra, buffalo, giraffe and several antelope species, for instance; Elands, Gazelles  and Impalas 

All the usual predators  including the big cats are also present

Nature and wildlife at its best, very few tourists and excellent accommodations

The climate at 1800m is very moderate throughout the whole year

Night game drives are allowed in Solio Ranch where you may see the big cats hunting,

Entrance Fee

Self-drive safaris are permitted and, while not necessary, it is helpful to be accompanied by a Solio guide (KSh500) (USD 5) or buying a map for Ksh 1000 (USD 10).

Horse riding, mountain biking and helicopter trips are also part of the mix

There are clear trails  to follow and the map is quite detailed. 

Entry Fee USD 80 non-resident USD 20 resident and USD 10 for citizen