+254 735 204 519 info@conquestadventures.co.ke
+254 735 204 519 info@conquestadventures.co.ke

About Our Team

ConQuest Adventures has a group of local professional guides and expert birders who spend their whole year guiding groups around East Africa (Kenya Tanzania, and Uganda). Our local Guides are hooked on birding and will provide an unmatched level of local expertise. All our birdwatching or wildlife tours are guided by a local guide.  Our guides have an exclusive attitude that brings you beyond the usual to experience the most authentic locations, people, and food.

Our guides have razor-sharp birding skills and an endless drive to get the perfect views of your favorite bird. They are knowledgeable, smart, quick-witted, charming, and entertaining; they will inform you and generally enrich your safari experience. We believe that a guide can make or break a tour and so we invest time and effort to ensure that we go for the best. Our local guide’s main job is to make sure you enjoy your birdwatching tour and see and photograph wildlife, to experience, at close range brilliantly colored birds, in an array of shapes and sizes. They love sharing their knowledge and do so with passion and humor, making your whole safari plain sailing and interpretive from day one to the last day.ConQuest Adventures local tour guides are excellent all-around naturalists, who have very deep knowledge about other groups of animals too (insects, trees, culture reptiles, etc.) that add an important factor to the tour itself. It is through their trained eyes that you will best understand the wonders of  Africa’s nature that you are witnessing; through the sharing of their knowledge that you will get a real feeling for the safari. We also use the very best local community guides, in most of the birding destinations across the region to make sure our birdwatching|wildlife, bird photography, and overall experience is the best we can achieve.


Guides Qualities

  • Their practical knowledge is vast both in identification and driving
  • Quick at spotting the Lifers
  • Outstanding field naturalist with exceptional talent
  • Core, steel, luminous intelligence, well informed
  • The mutual interest of our beloved African bush
  • Good language skills and grasp of conservation issues
  • Experience and knowledge is huge, much of grew from years of team fieldwork
  • Deep knowledge of the ecosystem where they work
  • Excellent organizational skills and boundless energy
  • Multiplying effect of sending clients home with an enthusiasm to talk about the tour experience