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Birding in Kenya & Beyond!

ConQuest Adventures is a registered local specialist tour operator in East Africa, offering sterling small-group birding tours, nature photography, and wildlife safaris throughout Kenya,  Uganda, and Tanzania. We are well-known for great birding in East Africa;  The best birdwatching itineraries for Kenya and beyond are here! Join our birdwatching and wildlife tours and find out why we have an unbeaten reputation for finding rare and scarce birds in the region. From custom day birding tours to your dream comprehensive multi-day birdwatching holiday, wildlife, and photography safari in Kenya, Uganda, and Tanzania. We are famous for providing the best local bird guides who are proficient at finding birds for you while pointing out other interesting subjects in the wild. Whether you are a hardcore lister, expert bird/wildlife photographer, or beginner or seasoned birdwatcher, we will work with you to develop a custom birding/wildlife experience made to meet your goals


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On all our birdwatching/wildlife trips, the pace is set based on your needs and we cater to people of all fitness and skill levels, designing a personalized tour around your ideas or target bird species and within your budget.  Longer targeted birding tours to more relaxed birdwatching holidays, bird photography, and wildlife safaris to popular and little-known destinations are well crafted to meet your aspirations. We also organize day birding tours all through the year in most of the birding hotspots in the region.

Our Birding and Big Game safaris can be customized to suit the needs and objectives of both small and large groups, birders, photographers, and naturalists

We are consistently centered on finding charming birds and wildlife for you to see and photograph though only in a compassionate and sustainable way, and plan the holiday very carefully in advance to give you the best chances, in comfort and safety. We have more than ten years of experience leading and organizing fun-filled and informative birdwatching tours, wildlife safaris, and nature photography trips throughout  Kenya, Tanzania, and Uganda, and we know what makes a great nature experience! We are here to provide you with safe, custom-designed, high-quality tours of the best wildlife areas in East Africa.


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"Happy Clients" Reviews

  • star rating  I spend 4 days birding with Mwangi visiting Mt Kenya, Aberdares National Park and Lake Naivasha. A wonderful experience! Mwangi is very knowledgeable and an expert guide. The trip covered... read more

    Rob M
    June 23, 2023

    star rating  Despite it was raining, we had very good sightings.
    We had an excellent guide, a birder my profession, with very good skills, great knowledge of the birds and the best... read more

    April 2, 2023

    star rating  We spent 3 days with ConQuest Adventures and Mwangi, we did a trip to Mount Kenya, Nyeri, Aberdares and the Kinangop Plateau, searching for numerous Endemic bird species, the trip... read more

    February 15, 2023

    star rating  I went on 3 separate birding trips with ConQuest. Karura Forest and Paradise lost as half day trips from within Nairobi and a two day trip to Lake Bogoria... read more

    February 12, 2023

    star rating  Contacted Mwangi (ConQuest adventures) for an introduction to birding with my family. The process was extremely smooth and he was accommodating to our key needs. Our guide, Alex, was professional... read more

    January 10, 2023

    star rating  I spent a couple days birding with Mwangi in Nairobi NP and Gatamaiya forest. Mwangi is a phenomenal birder and great guide. We saw over 180 birds and learned a... read more

    December 31, 2022
  • star rating  We had a really successful day of birding in Nairobi National Park. Our guide was not only enjoyable to be with, but also a true pro in terms of spotting... read more

    October 16, 2022

    star rating  I highly recommend Mwangi and ConQuest Adventures. We had an excellent day of birding in Gatamaiyu Forest outside of Nairobi. The trip was easy to plan and all... read more

    June 27, 2022

    star rating  I made a 1 week birding trip in central Kenya with Mwangi (owner of ConQuest). The trip was very well planned and we managed to see almost all the... read more

    May 31, 2022

    star rating  Hello the community,

    I have spend one morning with ConQuest Adventure...my only aim during this mini trip was to spot the fantastic "Hartlaub's Turaco" and thanks to the expert... read more

    May 31, 2022

    star rating  Seriously wake up early and be prepared for a great day, my bf made those super survival arrangements and forgot the most important (tea and snacks). Even so, we had... read more

    March 2, 2021

    star rating  A family day tour to Nairobi National Park yielded more than we had expected, we managed to see some splendid mammals such as lions, serval cats ,leopard sitting on... read more

    November 23, 2020
  • star rating  I was skeptical if anyone would be able to handle a handful of boys and a teenager. I tested the waters and truly it was just wonderful. The patience given... read more

    August 13, 2020

    star rating  Visited Nairobi National Park with a friend for half a day. Mwangi was an excellent guide -- fun and very knowledgeable -- and made sure we covered as much of... read more

    February 27, 2020

    star rating  Had a full day birding to Magadi with Mwangi and half day to Paradise Lost in Kiambu with Patrick. Both were excellent guides, knew the birds really well, as... read more

    January 28, 2020

    star rating  A day tour to Karura forest with my friends. Had a lovely walk with one of the ConQuest Adventures Ltd Guide Kelvin Gichuki

    He was very informative and a... read more

    December 3, 2019

    star rating  It was a lifetime experience worth every penny spent.
    I and my friends from United Arab Emirates decided to venture on an African safari and we were lucky to... read more

    November 21, 2019

    star rating  Our group of six just returned from an amazing 10 days safari in Kenya with ConQuest Adventures Ltd.

    We had a Wonderful Customized Safari in Nairobi (capital city) Meru... read more

    Brenda W
    November 13, 2019
  • star rating  We used the services of ConQuest Adventures Ltd for a day your to Nairobi National Park which is very close to the capital city
    In less than four hours... read more

    Carol S
    April 28, 2019

    star rating  From the pristine wilderness of Laikipia to the glorious Mount Kenya, my trip was simply magical.
    The (knowledge) wealth of experience exhibited by the ConQuest guide, Mr. Mwangi, ensured... read more

    greg w
    December 20, 2018

    star rating  I requested the services of the ConQuest Adventures Ltd for a one day Birding and they suggested Nairobi National Park which is close to the capital city. We managed to... read more

    December 14, 2018

    star rating  I don’ Often write reviews but after my remarkable experience with Mwangi guiding me to Nairobi NP I have to. Together with a colleague I booked a full day Safari... read more

    November 15, 2018

    star rating  I went on a tour with ConQuest Adventures to Nairobi National Park and David Sheldrick on the same day and it was a wonderful experience.
    The guide and driver picked... read more

    October 29, 2018

    star rating  After our excellent experience in 2015, we were eager to join Mwangi once more for a birding trip in Kenya. This time (July 2017) we decided to extend the number... read more

    October 13, 2018