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Photography Tours

Are you a keen photographer? Do you love taking photos of birds? Do you love wildlife and visiting new places? East Africa, Kenya, Uganda, and Tanzania a spectacular destinations for any aspiring nature photographer. Capture the wonders of East Africa with your camera

Relish a breathtaking photography tour while capturing all the superb and fantastic birds, animals, and scenery with your photographic gadgets in East Africa, Kenya, Uganda, or Tanzania

East Africa is immersed with many breathtaking destinations, it is a dream destiny for travel freaks and passionate wildlife photographers from around the world. Our photography tours are aimed at photography enthusiasts of all levels of expertise. East Africa is hands down one of the most interesting places on earth for any travel photographer. Wherever you go in East Africa, it will be a photographic experience of a lifetime. Our special photography tours will take you through endless possibilities of this incredible region, finding the brightest jewels of this vast and lovely place to hand you a supply of spectacular and memorable photos.

Kenya, Tanzania, and Uganda are the world’s most spectacular places. Discover our small-group, luxury photography tours of the most astonishing wildlife, birds, landscape, and cultural experiences in Kenya, Tanzania, and Uganda. One of the great features of any kind of tour to East Africa, is the sheer abundance of many birds and animals approachability of the animals, making it a perfect fit for the nature photographer. East Africa is one of the most wildlife-rich regions in Africa. It is bisected by two rift valleys, running north to south which contain numerous lakes, both freshwater and alkaline, it has also a number of isolated mountains, with their own varied habitats. These include the ice-capped and snow-covered Kilimanjaro, montane forests, tropical rain forests, semi-arid, savanna, mangrove forest, and a palm-fringed coastline, with its many lagoons and estuaries. This diversity of vegetation and animal life makes this the premier viewing and photography safari destination

Photographing your travel experience is such an awesome way to see and learn about the cultures. Escapade comes in all forms in Kenya, Tanzania, and Uganda. Our all-inclusive photography itinerary makes it easier for you to enjoy this photo tour and fill up your camera memory cards with exceptional specialties and amazing bird species. Photography tours present many distinctive challenges and the photographic techniques learned and used on these trips will likely benefit your photography when shooting other subjects in the photograph adventure. Our photography tour itineraries are very flexible and can be tailored to suit your preferences. We plan tours around your photography style and schedule, locations, and routes suitably. If you want to spend more time in a specific location, we won’t rush you. Our principle is simple, We work for you!

Tanzania birding tours

17 Days Tanzania Birding Tour

Tanzania birding is very productive with over 40 nearly endemic birds. This makes Tanzania among Africa’s top birding destinations.Tanzania’s geography is varied leading to various climates. Even […]
Uganda Birdwatching Tours

22 Days Uganda Birding Tour

Uganda is one of the best destinations for birding safaris in Africa. From the savanna of Queen Elizabeth National Park to the jungles of Semuliki National Park, […]
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5 Days Kenya Wildlife Safari

The wildlife safari will cover Maasai Mara game reserve famous for the Wildebeest migration Lake Nakuru National Park is known for flamingos and Lake Naivasha. Maasai Mara […]
Bird photography Kenya

10 Days Bird Photography Tour

Kenya bird photography tour  will take  you to some of the most exhilarating photography  locations in  Kenya: the famous Maasai Mara Game Reserve, the scenic Samburu Game […]
Day birding Gatamaiyu Forest

Gatamaiyu Forest Birding

Gatamaiyu Forest is part of the larger Kikuyu Escarpment Forest which covers an area of 37,620 hectares. Other forest blocks that form Kikuyu Escarpment Forest includes; Kereita, […]
Birding Kinangop Plateau

Kinangop Plateau

The Kinangop plateau shelter Sharpe’s Longclaw a globally threatened grassland-specialist bird and numerous other animals and plants endemic to the mountain grasslands of Kenya and northern Tanzania