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Kenya Top Birding Sites

Kenya has one of the best birding destinations in the world, which lies secretly out in every corner of the country.

Kenya’s birdwatching sites are high-yielding and enriching in terms of bird species seen. Kenya as a destination is rich with diversity not only within selected geographical regions out in every corner of the country clandestine treasures that are attractions for visitors; from scenically staggering and within reach places that offer highly gratifying experiences.

Birding safaris Kenya
Black-throated Barbet

Kenya’s top birding tour sites offer exciting birdwatching throughout the year. Kenya has hundreds and hundreds of magnificent bird species to view, from Red-headed Weavers, Jackson’s Widowbird, Golden-winged Sunbirds, and the mighty Martial Eagle to the finicky Lesser Flamingos, Fine-banded Woodpeckers, and Sokoke Scops Owls. These colorful, captivating, and intriguing winged-wonders whizz around the countryside providing endless joy for birders young and old. And if you’re itching for some twitching, you must check out these top-tier bird-watching sites.

                Kenya’s Best Birding Sites

Kenya’s birdwatching destinations are well-known national parks, game reserves, private conservancies, oxidation ponds, swamps, lakes, mountains, and forests. Kenya’s best birding sites are located in various habitats, including cool, alpine zones, simmering hot soda lakes, papyrus swamps, tussock grasslands, desert scrubs, and dunes, we offer and arrange birding safaris to the following areas.

Birdwatching Tours Kenya
Senegal Thick-knee

For birdwatchers who are for business or other reasons and cannot go beyond city limits, we can arrange a birding tour for you to those top birdwatching sites in Nairobi, Kisumu, Nakuru, Mombasa, or any other places. There is no bad place to go birdwatching in Kenya. The country has more than 1,000 bird species. We have pocket-friendly birdwatching itineraries that suit your plans and are extremely satisfying and incredible. Whether you are looking forward to thousand waders and Crab Plovers in Mida Creek, the finicky Lesser Flamingos‘ spectacle in Lake Bogoria, William’s Lark in Shaba National ReserveChestnut-naped Francolin in Marsabit, Egyptian Plover in Lake Turkana, the endemic Sharpe’s Longclaw in Kinangop  Plateau, Sokoke Scops Owl in Arabuko Sokoke Forest, or Blue-breasted Bee-eater in Kakamega Forest, Aberdare Cisticola in Aberdare National Park, Papyrus Gonolek in Lake Victoria, Taita Apalis inTaita Hills.

Birding safaris Kenya
Savanna Elephants

Gain an express pass into the wonderful world of birding by joining our birdwatching tours in one of these leading bird conservation areas



Below a list of Kenya Best Birdwatching Destinations

Africa holds over 2470 bird species amongst which more than 55 percent are endemic and it is doubtless many more species. Africa is the main non-breeding ground for migratory species that breed in the Northern Hemisphere. A network of 7 percent covering two million kilometers square of the continent is currently identified as a Key Biodiversity Area.