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Nairobi City Park Birding

Nairobi City Park is a wedge-shaped island of greenery sandwiched in the fork where two major main roads; Forest and Wangari Maathai Roads, deviate in the northern suburbs of Nairobi

Located within a walking distance from City Centre, City Park is the heart and lungs of the Nairobi. One of the few remaining green spaces and an intact portion of rich indigenous forest that once extended over much greater Nairobi and beyond.

Nairobi City Park has a size of 60 hectares. It is indeed the heart and lungs of the choked Kenyan capital. A canalized stream, the Kibagare River flows through the City Park’s lower end. It provides the population, with a tranquil, scenic retreat from the harshness of daily urban life.

Despite its isolation and modest size, this precious remnant tract of dry upland forest support uncommonly diverse flora and fauna

More than 100 tree species are found in the Park, including some that are endemic to Kenya. In all 560 plant species, representing close to 390 genera in more than 120 botanical families occur in City Park, of these fewer than 110 species are classified as of high conservation priority

120 birds species have been recorded in the park, the rich assortment of indigenous trees and shrubs means food is available throughout the year, birding in the forest calls for patience, as birds tend to forage in mixed flocks,

Nairobi City Park is also an excellent place to watch butterflies, during the onset of the rainy season the park, these color insects are in their thousand

It home to insects of more than all other creatures and plants Nairobi City Park also boasts a rich cultural history too;

Joseph Murumbi (1911-1990) who in 1965-1966 served as the Vice President of Kenya, but who is remembered for the huge collections of African art and Africana books and human rights activist Pio Gama Pinto (1927-1965) are buried here

Other historic sites within, includes the Goan, Jewish, and World War one Memorial Cemeteries.

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