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Uhuru Gardens

Uhuru Gardens is a memorial site in Kenya’s history, it hoisted the first independence celebrations that climaxed with the raising of the Kenyan flag and lowering the union jack (British flag) on the midnight of 12th Dec 1963

Uhuru Meaning
Uhuru means freedom in Swahili which is spoken by nearly all the tribes in Kenya.

The gardens were officially declared a National Monument in 1966 because of their historical importance.

Within the garden are two monuments commemorating Kenya’s independence, and a Mugumo (fig) tree.

The Mugumo tree is symbolic as it was planted on the spot where the Union Jack (British flag) was brought down and Kenya’s national flag hoisted

Birdwatching Uhuru Gardens

Uhuru Gardens has varieties of flora and fauna, the savannah woodland extending from the Nairobi national park making it an ideal place for birding, the Red-collared Widowbird and the rare Jackson’s Widowbird breeds on the grasslands In a small forest of yellow-backed acacia at the edge of the gardens, Brown Parisoma, Buff-bellied Warblers, Spotted Morning Thrush, Cuckoos and both Cinnamon and Little Bee-eaters are commonly seen

A small pond is also active with Holub’s and Grosbeak Weavers, Black Crake, Common Moorhen, Hadada Ibis

A family of about six Warthogs has found a home in Uhuru Gardens, Lions have also been spotted in Uhuru Gardens too

In addition to the historical significance, Uhuru Gardens continues to attract various events as a recreational park.

Uhuru Gardens is popular as a rest area for families and friends, a must-visit for schools and in recent times has gained popularity as an events venue for corporate launches, concerts, and weddings

The Mashujaa/ heroes Corner has been constructed adjacent to this beautiful park which marks as a reminder to celebrate our Kenyan heroes.

Uhuru Gardens opens daily from 8:00 am – 6:00 pm.

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