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Birding Tour

Birdwatching Kenya

15 Days Birding

The 15 Days birding Kenya tour will explore some of the best birdwatching destinations […]
Kenya Birding tour

20 Days Birding

The 20 Days Kenya birdwatching tour starts in Nairobi and will cover Maasai Mara […]

17 Days Tanzania Birding Tour

Tanzania birding is very productive with over 40 nearly endemic birds. This makes Tanzania […]
Kenya Birdwatching tour

6 Days Birding

6 Days Birding tour will cover some of Kenya's magnificent birding hotspots, Nairobi National […]
Nairobi National Park Birding

Nairobi National Park Birding

Nairobi National Park is a popular birdwatching destination in Kenya due to its close […]

9 Days Uganda Birding Tour

Uganda also has 60 protected areas, which includes ten national parks, two of which […]

22 Days Uganda Birding Tour

Uganda is a landlocked country and lies west of Kenya, east of DR Congo, […]

Mau Eburu Forest Birding

Mau Eburu forest the is easternmost conservatory of the 22 gazetted forest blocks that […]
Gatamaiyu Forest Day Birdwatching

Gatamaiyu Forest Birding

Gatamaiyu Forest is part of the larger Kikuyu Escarpment Forest which covers an area […]

Karura Forest Birding

Karura Forest is an urban forest in Nairobi, the capital of Kenya. The forest […]
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