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Ruma National Park

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Ruma National Park has diverse and rich wildlife; coupled with some of the finest birdwatching, and spectacular scenery. A truly delightful birding hotspot with a sensational array of distinct habitats and an excellent birding location to see the rare Montane Blue Swallow and the famed Roan Antelope. Birdwatching in Ruma Park is productive throughout the year, thanks to the natural landscape and the glowing climate. Ruma National Park birdwatching tour may be combined with Lake Victoria, Busia Grasslands, Mount Elgon, and Kakamega forest to cover Kenya’s western birding circuit.

Ruma National Park_birding tour
Superb Starling
Ruma National Park


Ruma National Park is a 120-kilometer square wildlife haven in Western Kenya close to the edges of the mega Lake Victoria, There is so much to see in Ruma National Park, fabulous birds, and lots of large mammals including the alarmingly rare Roan Antelope, breathtaking scenery. Birding is astounding in Ruma with the last remaining habitats of several range-restricted and endangered birds. The park has one of the most picturesque landscapes offering a diverse and spectacular array of photo opportunities.

Ruma National Park Birding
Nubian Giraffe

The park is the only protected area in Kenya where the globally threatened intra-African migrant Montane Blue Swallow has been recorded which depends upon moist grassland for both feeding and roosting, arriving in Kenya from their breeding grounds in Southern Tanzania around April and departing again in September. Ruma National Park has the highest population of the uncommon Nubian Giraffe. Ruma lies on the flat floor of the seasonally watered Lambwe River Valley bordered by the Kanyamwa Escarpment to the southeast and by the volcanic plugs of the Ruri Hills to the north. The topography is mainly rolling grassland, with patches of open woodland thickets. The soils are largely “black cotton” clay which is not motorable during the rainy season. A strong 4×4 Jeep is recommended to explore all the hidden birding spots in the park during the wet season. Ruma National Park has two entrance  gates; Kamato and Nyatoto


Birding Ruma National Park

The birding tour in Ruma National Park begins at the wooded hilly patch around the park’s main headquarters one kilometer before the Kamato Gate, the dazzling Ross’s Turaco will be vocal as they feed on the huge fig trees, which will be teeming with other interesting birds such as the Double-toothed Barbet, Meyer’s Parrot, the large boldly-marked African Crowned Eagle may be heard with it oscillating display flight up in the sky. Spot-flanked Barbet with its long series of sharp “kwek” notes will also be heard in the tall trees.

Birding Ruma National Park
Blue-headed Coucal

At Kamato Gate Northern Double-collared Sunbirds busy sucking nectar on flowers Tropical Boubou welcome you with a synchronized duet of hollow hoots from the male and ratcheting calls from the female. Inside the Park, the Long-crested Eagle will be sitting on the tall trees waiting patiently to catch its prey, on the road groups of the Red-necked Spurfowl will be seen busy feeding, and the spectacular Black-winged Red Bishop will be displaying on the bushes, trying to impress the females and Trilling Cisticola with a distinctive call perched prominently on top of tall grasses. The list of splendid birds in Ruma is endless- Bishops, Eremomela, Eagles, Bustard, and Secretary Bird, there is so much to see in Ruma National Park, from the incredible range of wildlife sightings such as the elegant Oribi, both Black and White Rhinos, Leopard, Common Zebra, Hyenas, and Topis. Birding in Ruma National Park is easy, and the birds are bountiful and approachable, throughout the year. An unforgettable birding experience waits.  The park offers a pleasant combination of birding and wildlife experiences, birds are everywhere and present great photographic opportunities which makes it a genuine paradise for birdwatchers. Ruma is a marvelous and must-visit birding destination with superb birdwatching in a range of habitats, a wealth of bird species, and striking scenery.

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Ruma National Park Birding
European Roller
  • African Grey Hornbill
  • Montane Blue Swallow
  • Osprey
  • Bateleur
  • Shelley's Rufous Sparrow
  • Scaly Spurfowl
  • African Pygmy Kingfisher
  • Black-headed Gonolek
  • Moustached Grass Warbler
  • Copper Sunbird
  • Banded Snake Eagle
  • Flappet Lark
  • Fan-tailed Widowbird
  • Brown-throated Wattle-eye
  • Southern Red Bishop
  • Slender-billed Weaver
  • African Cuckoo-Hawk
  • Black Bishop
  • Black-billed Barbet
  • Beaudouin's Snake Eagle
  • Ovambo Sparrowhawk
  • Croaking Cisticola
  • Yellow-throated Greenbul
  • Western Citril